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Pontoons Gold Coast Pontoon Services

Gold Coast Pontoon Services provide services to most Councils and Authorities on the Eastern Seaboard including Gold Coast City Council, McClean Shire, Harbours and Marine and Maritime Safety

We specialise in the following:

• Refurbishment and repairs of pontoons and jetties
• Installation and repairs of jetski modules
• Installation and repairs of drive on pontoons, hydrolifts eg D15, D20
• Timber decking replacement and repairs
• Pile bracket replacement and repairs
• Recarpeting of pontoons and walkways
• Structural repairs
• Replacement of rollers
• Relocations and reinstallation of lifts and pontoons to new properties
• Plastic welding
• Supply and fit your accessory needs
• Fendering
• Full knowledge of Superior Jetties and Prestige Pontoon products


Pontoons and jetties in waterways that experience heavy traffic should be checked and maintained at a minimum of every 12 months, even twice a year. By undertaking regular maintenance check-ups every year, will ensure your equipment will last longer and save unexpected further costs.

It is important to keep a regular maintenance programme in place with your pontoon, jetty, ski dock or marina. Keeping a regular basic regime in place helps eliminate damages, breakages and early wear and tear to your equipment

• Hose down all galvanised steel components with fresh water to remove any build up of salt deposits.
• Spray all galvanised components with an oil based rust preventative ie:(Fish oil or lanolin) I would recommend doing this every 6 months.
• Wash down aluminium components with soapy water to remove any salt deposit build up.
• It is recommended that carpet be hosed down on a regular basis to remove any dirt, bird faeces, or other stains on a regular basis.
• All wire rope on winch systems, cable supports, etc should be checked regularly for signs of fraying.
• Electric winches should be checked and greased regularly.
• All rollers should be checked, tensioned and oiled as required on a regular basis.
• All nuts and bolts should be checked, tensioned and oiled as required on a regular basis.
• Check all pile bracket connections are tight and secured to pontoon.
• Check all power and water connections are secure.
• If you have cable and turnbuckles on your pontoon, ensure that they are tight. It is recommended that turnbuckles should be sprayed with WD40 (or similar) approx every 4-6 months depending on how much salt spray/wind your pontoon endures.
• Check all hoses, dogbones, bolts etc regularly.


  • - Jetty & Pontoon Maintenance
  • - Installations
  • - Upgrades
  • - Repairs & Alterations
  • - Project Co-ordinations